Multi-résidentiel Contracting
Les projets de rénovation au sein des communautés de construction nécessitent une expertise unique. Nos services complets de construction et de gestion de projet garantissent le meilleur livrable possible.


Site Turnovers

We understand turnaround times and margins associated with suite turnovers. We constantly strive to meet and exceed expectations while completing renovations. Alongside building staff, we schedule work to minimize disruptions to residents. We monitor the entire process of the renovation, limit the duration of vacancy, and guarantee the suite is move-in ready.

• Full-Reposition Turnovers
• 2nd-Turn Renovations
• Service Work
• Fire Mitigation
• Flood Restoration
• Abatement Services
• Mould / Asbestos Remediation

Common Area Refurbishment

From the moment someone arrives at your building, an impression is formed. Their journey through the common elements creates an experience to reminisce.

• Lobbies
• Corridors
• Amenity Spaces
• Vestibules
• Elevator Surrounds
• Stairwells
• Washrooms
• Entrance
• Canopies

Building Envelope Restoration

Our Canadian climate has a complex impact on aging buildings. Well-maintained building components can establish brands and appreciate property value.

• Sidewalks / Concrete Repair
• Multi-Level Parking Garages
• Foundation Linings
• Waterproofing / Damp Proofing
• Painting & Caulking
• Structural Steel Repairs
• Veneer Stone Cladding
• Chemical & Epoxy Injection
• EIFS, Metal Siding, Masonry
• Lintel Replacement
• Parapet & Fire Wall Maintenance
• Thru-Wall Flashing
• Windows, Doors, Joints
• Balconies & Railings

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